The MBC Program

About MBC

Measured by Character is dedicated to empowering our youth by encouraging them to recognize that their lives have purpose and meaning. To share the knowledge that no matter their age, their lives are affecting the environment around them in either a positive or negative way! We share the knowledge that none of us are promised tomorrow, and we are creating our personal legacies with each passing day. We urge students to reflect on what type of legacy they are creating: A positive one or a negative one? What type of person will they choose to be? How will their legacy impact others, not only today, but for eternity?


The mission of Measured by Character is to improve our local communities by partnering with schools in empowering students with the knowledge that every human being has purpose and meaning, and that their own character is the foundation by which change begins.


The Measured by Character program was started by Wade White of Denton, Texas following the tragic death of his 18 year old son Ryan B. White (RBW) who died in an automobile accident in Aubrey, Texas on Good Friday, April 6th 2012, just weeks away from his high school graduation.


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