School Banner

Student Pledge Banner


Measured by Character will dedicate a prominent 8' x 10' banner to each school following the MBC presentation. The banner will have bullet points of the message across the top of it with a myriad of character traits listed around the side perimeter as well as across the bottom. The banner will be signed by all students who pledge their commitment to character and it will be displayed in a prominent location within the school. The banner will include the names and logos of all community sponsors who helped bring the program to their school.

  1. The banner serves as a reminder of their commitment to character and keeps the message forefront in their minds as they go through their daily walk and struggles in life.
  2. Recognition that the community believes in the message of character and even more importantly, believes in the students.

Pledge Banner Sponsorship:

The program is offered free of charge for all schools.

  1. Finances should not be a barrier for bringing the program to any school.
  2. Time is of the essence in reaching out to our youth. Waiting for financial approval or squeezing additional funds out of an already tight school budget will significantly delay or completely hinder sharing the MBC message. There are an enormous number of schools in the US, and we want to visit them all!
  3. Having the program based solely on sponsorship allows our youth to see the community taking action and standing behind them. Sponsorship sends a clear signal that the message of character is important, and further, that the community believes in them.