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We need your help to give kids the tools to fight the many issues thrown at them every day !

Our goal is simple:  To share the powerful message that every life has meaning, value, and purpose:  Individual lives enriched with best attributes of character make an influential difference in the world, enriching the lives of us all.

The Measured By Character program stresses on the importance of positive character and what a significant a role it plays in each of our lives. Character impacts in either a positive or a negative way, and that impact has far reaching ripple effects. We have an opportunity through this program to empower our youth with the motivating character tools necessary to serve them throughout their lives.

So many of our youth are in need of hearing that their lives have value and meaning.  Statistics currently show a staggering rise in low self worth, bullying, and suicide, which are but a few of the very serious issues rapidly becoming epidemics throughout our school system.  It is our mission to reach out to as many schools as we possibly can with an encouraging message of hope.  We strive to help students recognize that their lives are important and that they are making an impact in the world around them each and every day. The question is “Is their impact a positive or a negative one?” The MBC message focuses on personal legacy, bullying, self worth, uniqueness, suicide, accountability, responsibility, love and kindness.

MBC is bringing this unique character education program to schools everywhere. The message we share has been proven to make a difference.  Principals, counselors, students, and community members who have attended the Measured By Character program continually share with us what an enormous difference it is making.  The program resonates throughout the student body, eliciting thought provoking reflection and looking at life through different eyes.

By sharing our message, we hope to inspire, motivate, and encourage meaningful lives filled with the best attributes of character.


We offer the Measured By Character Program to all schools free of charge!  There is absolutely no cost attributed to any school!!

All of us at Measured by Character believe strongly in the powerful message we share and we do not want the finances of an already stretched thin school budget to be a hindrance or deterrent for sharing this program with our youth.  Therefore, to effectively and efficiently reach as many schools as possible, the program is offered free of charge.

Measured by Character cannot do it without you!  We ask that join us in this most valuable role, the shared responsibility we all have, of instilling the characteristics of ethics, morals, and values in our future generation, and generations to come!  It is only with your financial support that we can make this possible.  Show our youth the value placed on, and the importance of, living a life of good character with your financial support!

Your donation or sponsorship can be in the form of either a single donation or a monthly recurring sponsorship.  Every single contribution enables us to continue to sharing the message of Measured by Character.

We sincerely thank you for your support and dedication.

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Making donations to Measured By Character’s general operating budget helps everything from administrative work to travel expenses for our program.

Your donation will have a ripple effect that will touch thousands of lives far and wide.

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