“All of us are woven into this fabric of effect and change. The question is: Are you affecting this world in a positive or negative way?”

Who am I?  Do I matter?  Does my life have a meaning? Would I be missed?  What is my purpose?

Science tells us there are more stars in the heavens than we could ever count. They are slung as far as the East is to the West. To infinity and beyond! Yet each star is uniquely different.

The same principal applies to us. We are just as unique as the stars. Each one of us is extraordinarily special because we all have qualities that make up our individuality. There is not another exactly like us. There has never been another exactly like us. There will never be another exactly like us.

The realization of how distinct each individual is came crashing into my heart not long after Ryan died. I was away from home on a routine business trip, one that Ryan often traveled with me, when the full depth of understanding an individual’s uniqueness exploded into my heart: I would never again on this earth feel the impact in my heart that was unique only to Ryan Blakely White. No one can fill his shoes. He cannot be duplicated. I cannot find him in family, friend or stranger. If we were to line up the seven and a half billion people who currently live on this planet, I would not find him. From the beginning of human life until the end of human life, I would never find him. The way he smiled, the way he laughed, the way his eyes sparkled different colors depending on the light, the way he talked, the way he walked, the way he hugged me, and the way he said “I love you Dad” was, and always will be, unique only to Ryan Blakely White.
Each and every one of us is exactly the same in our own individual uniqueness.

We are all truly a unique masterpiece.